New desktop release today with HipChat index folders! (03-15-2016)

Hi Everyone,

A new desktop release is out… and has been pushed to the autoupdater already. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

DESKTOP: Win v5085 / Mac v5127

New Feature:

  1. Special Hipchat index folders (tags, @me). For the Rooms and Users folders that you have synchronized (can be virtual, doesn’t have to be downloaded / green checkmarked), any file attachment posts made with a # or @ tag will appear in the tags folder. @me is a folder for attachments on messages you were tagged on. These index folders only exist on your local desktop client (not on web). They get populated as you sync more and more Rooms and Users folders, giving you another useful view of what’s in your HipChat.

Bug Fixes:
2. PRO sync fixes (better detection for external HDD disconnected, allow “remove from PRO sync” with an invalid folder, etc.)
3. Bug fix for open odrive folder stuck on [initializing] when launch app while offline
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The new feature is really cool and will be coming to Slack soon, too. So go ahead and use right-click --> Sync (include subfolders, never download) to expand everything into virtual files and then see what’s in your tags and @me folder in HipChat!


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