New desktop release today! (06-10-2016) - Support for Agent CLI on Desktop Sync Client

Today’s release contains something that will help you automate tasks with odrive.

Desktop (Win v5451 / Mac v5489):

  • We’ve added the ability for you to run the Agent CLI commands against your desktop sync install.

Go to the corresponding folder:

  • Windows: %userprofile%\.odrive\bin\<version number>\cli\
  • Mac: ~/.odrive/bin/<version number>/

…and find the file there. You can move it out of that folder if you need to, and it should continue to work.

This build hasn’t been pushed to the autoupdater, so grab it from here if you want to try it now.
UPDATE: We released Win v5453 and Mac v5491 to the autoupdater on 06/15/2016, and that build contains the items above.