New desktop and web releases today! (02-22-2016)

Here’s the scoop…

Web Release:

  • Google Cloud Storage linking improvements. After OAuth with Google, you can pick a link name and cancel now. Also error handling for bucket not found is improved.
  • Better message when Amazon Cloud Drive storage quota is exceeded.
  • Fixes to reactivate autorenewal of subscription flow.
  • Other bug fixes.

Desktop Release (Win v4989 / Mac v5031)

  • Fix for rename upper/lower case issue with move odrive folder operations to a new folder and back to the original location was causing files to have “2” appended to the end.

Thanks for tuning in… As you can see, we’re slashing our way through issues and releasing new stuff every day! Keep your feedback coming.



Hi Jeff
Are the new releases installed automatically? I do not see a download option. My desktop vs remains 4938.

We generally release to the web site first, then push to auto-updater a day or two after that. Currently we are a little off that schedule, but I expect a push to auto-updater within the next day or so.

FYI, we’ve pushed the autoupdater for a later release (Win v4997 / Mac v5039 on 2/24/2016)