New desktop and web releases today! (02-10-2016)

We’ve released some goodies for you guys today. The Desktop release is available for download from the sync add-on page ( and will be pushed to the application autoupdater sometime over the next day or two.

Web Release:

  • Share Link flow and and Sharing page revisions (improved screens for creating share links, and now you can view your share links from my odrive page SHARING tab now)
  • Ability to close your odrive account from your account Profile page.
  • A basketful of other smaller bug fixes and improvements in HipChat, Spaces, Dropbox, and other areas.

Desktop Client Release (Windows v4909 / Mac v4952):

  • Improved responsiveness with synchronizing folders (will start downloading files more quickly now)
  • Fixed: For S3 / B2 / Google Cloud Storage in enhanced odrivefs mode, folder deletes need to recursively delete everything in the folder and its subfolders
  • Better rate limit error messages when you hit rate limits from each storage provider
  • Other bug fixes (Hipchat, OneDrive for Business, trash functionality)

Some of these items are the direct result of your feedback to us on the Forum, so thank you for helping us make odrive better. Stay tuned for more release announcements like this from us in the future…


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FYI, we’ve released another desktop build and that build (02-11-2016) has been pushed to the autoupdater.