New Blog: Is Your Cloud Storage Slow As Shit?

Your favorite community celebrity, and our favorite nerd – Tony – has made his first post in our publication:

He answers the question that many of you on the forum have been asking: which cloud storage is fast, faster, and fastest.

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Hi @Alex_Teu1! Sorry to bring this topic alive again. It has 6 months old already and would be nice if @Tony do this performance analysis again for all cloud providers to check if they are improving their infrastructure and up-down speed. Like Netflix does with the world internet providers. Would be fun to see the results! Netflix speed index: :turtle: vs​:rabbit2:

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Hi @rafhob,
That is something I want to do, although I want to wait until our next push is done, so I can test with the refinements we are currently implementing.
Also, that testing takes a really long time, and it is tough to carve out time to do it… :slight_frown:


Sure @Tony! Take your time! It’s better do it slowly so you can do the tests better and precisely. It was just a little reminder. :wink:

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Wow really interesting this tests! I thought Amazon Cloud Drive performance would be worst, good to know that it is good enough for daily use and to backup personal data.

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I’ve found that the key to upload speed on Amazon is concurrent transfers. Single transfer can be pretty slow. The improvements we are working on will help this. If Amazon would release their resume upload API it would be even easier to optimize for this.

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Shame that Amazon doesn’t release this resume upload API. I’m dying to see these improvements that you guys are working on! Keep up the good work!!

Can’t agree more… looks like its still slow