New Blog: Dropbox Infinite-ly Late To The Game

Dropbox made an announcement today of the Project Infinite: This is our response to that:

Of course, we know it as placeholders and all y’all have been enjoying their utility.

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Meh screw Dropbox. This apparently is only available to business users and this only scratches the surface of what odrive can do.


Richt on! Its an “odrive feature” in dropbox :wink:

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Might be investigating how they are able to show the full size in the properties window! I really wish odrive could do that :slight_smile:


Interesting… This Dropbox offering shouldn’t be entirely written off. I use odrive with my OneDrive account everyday but find that there are critical gaps in functionality that prevent it from being as useful as it might be:

  1. Placeholders for folders and files are only visible once you’ve opened the containing folder in Windows Explorer. If you haven’t done so then using ‘Save As’ from within an application only provides options to save in those folders that have been accessed. This is not just inconvenient when trying to save. Search is significantly hampered. Windows 8.1 and Dropbox (from the demo I’ve seen) placeholders don’t have this limitation. They’re visible and searchable from any application.

  2. Placeholders for images do not provide a thumbnail. This makes the placeholders next to useless with regard to images. In order to view what’s in the folder you have to sync the folder. Given that image and video folders are often some of the largest that are synced to cloud storage the lack of thumbnails is not particularly helpful. Windows 8.1 had thumbnails but as yet it appears unclear as to whether Dropbox does the same.

odrive has the potential to lead the way. After all, neither Dropbox nor Microsoft have multi service and multi account sync. However, neither of these features are of much use until failings in basic functionality are resolved. I’ll continue to use odrive as there’s nothing better for OneDrive and Windows 10 if you don’t want to sync all of your cloud data to your local drive. But I’d swap away from odrive to another service immediately if another service was launched that resolved the issues that I have raised.

Come on odrive! You’re almost there. Now push your offering over the edge to ensure that users like myself don’t have any reason to jump ship.


Doesn’t matter whether they are late to the game or not, as a Dropbox only user I’m looking forward to it and will probably make the switch.

odrive won’t let me do certain things for free including unsync, which pretty much kills the service for me. I cannot afford to pay for two services in one month, adds up.

If successful, which Dropbox usually is, there is no way they are gonna let this feature stay Business only. Infact, i think they just changed their pricing model around.

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Thanks all for the support. We are going to continue to keep charging hard and continue the innovation. Dropbox may become fast followers or not, we’ll see, but it won’t matter. We will always see them in our rear view mirrors. Besides, the competition validates the direction we’re taking and the market we’re making. The competition will only make us stronger.