Neverending sync

i have installed the actual version (4859) and since 3 months several problems to sync with onedrive.
sync aborts and restarts at 0%, especially for files > 100MB (network connection is stable)
another issue is that suddenly some files are automatically unsynced and other files are downloaded, and then there are two files (one original and one with “(conflict)”).

Hi Tom,
We have seen some issues with large file uploads on OneDrive, as well, although it seems to have improved recently. The other issue is interesting.

Are you able to reproduce these two issues on version 4859? If so, can you reproduce them and then send a diagnostic (located in the odrive tray menu), along with the names of the files that are having issues (either can’t be uploaded or are creating conflicts)?


i have sent the diag infos. i started odrive (v4871) and two conflict-file were produced.
same issue for uploading big files (upload restarts)

Thanks. I see a few different exceptions causing the re-uploads that I will check into. Also checking out the conflict.

i have sent you a new diag file, because some files are unexpected unsynced…

Thanks Tom. Can you provide the names of the files please?

onedrive-moritz/Media/2015/201505/20150510/20150510093518_MOV02292 (conflict).avi
onedrive-moritz/Media/2015/201512/20151217_Eislaufen_2a/20151217103318_DSC_3676 (conflict).jpg

tony, is there any changelog or rss-feed for changes or new versions of odrive online?

Hi Tom,
We have some enhancements coming soon (next week) that I believe will address the issues you are seeing above. As for releases, Jeff posts those to the Announcements category:

I there any solution for this problem? I just tried to sync 4GB ISO file to Odrive and learned it was syncing several times without success.
I have the nevest Odrive app for Mac.

Hi @luk4s7,
Take a look at this thread:

Uploading larger files can be difficult in some cases and its why we created file splitting feature.

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Hi @Tony!
Thanks! Now I know what’s going on.