Need to upload very large files to Amazon

hi there
i have amazon cloud drive
and free trail of odrive
i wanna upload my backup sites every day in amazon cloud drive but i have a problem that i think somebody can help me
amazon drive size lmit of per file is 50 gb but my backup sites is about 130 to 150 gb every day
o drive speed of uploading is very very good but with odrive free trail also can’t upload large than 50 gb to my amazon cloud drive
and splited file is 2gb ( very low size)
is there any way to upload files large than 50 gb to amazon drive with odrive ?
can o drive file size splited to 50 gb for amazon drive?
or any way else?thanks

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Hi @karmania,
I think you already found IFS (file splitting), so you may not have this question anymore.

The files sizes and frequency you are talking about are extremely large for a personal cloud storage account, which is what Amazon Drive is. Keep in mind that Amazon Drive was not built with that type of consistent, gigantic upload in mind, so you may encounter issues.

Additionally, if you are wanting backup only, I would recommend waiting for odrive’s backup feature, which is expected in the next couple of months. odrive’s always-active sync can be pretty heavy for this type of pure backup use case, and is probably overkill for what you need.

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@Tony ok thanks i was splited one of my backup with 2gb splited
so how can i reassemble the file? because when i sync it by odrive every time shows me this error when downloading it:

but i can download segements from amazon drive but i dont know how can i reassmebel my file ?

Hi @karmania,
Apologies for the inconvenience on this.

We have seen that certain exceptions (especially from Amazon) can prevent large batch downloads like this. We are making some adjustments in our next major release to account for this so we can push through the exceptions and get all of the file segments downloaded.

One of the good things about IFS is that it is an open format that we have documented. If you can download all of the segments (from the Amazon web client, for example) you can reassemble with a basic script. Read more about this here:

At the bottom of that article are scripts for both Windows and Mac/Linux that you can use to reassemble an IFS file, if you need it before we are able to release our adjustments/enhancements in this area.

@tony thanks so much
ok until new release from odrive to fix this problem
you said i can reassemble them with windows script right?
for example powershell is this code right?:
#Run inside the parent of the downloaded .xlarge directory
$xl_dir_name = “[name of xlarge directory]”
$xl_name = $xl_dir_name.Substring(0,$xl_dir_name.Length-40)
$meta_path = “$xl_dir_name.meta”
$segments = Select-String -pattern “CLOUD-XL-SEGMENTS” $meta_path -List
$num_segments = $segments.line.split(":")[1]
echo “Assembling $xl_name…”
rm “$xl_name” -erroraction ‘silentlycontinue’
ni “$xl_name” -type file | Out-Null
for ($i=0; $i -lt $num_segments; $i++) {
$cur_seg = Select-String -pattern “CLOUD-XL-SEGMENT:$i” $meta_path -context 0,2 -List
$filename = $cur_seg.context.DisplayPostContext[1].split(":")[1]
echo “adding segment: $filename to $xl_name”
$copy_output = $(cmd /q /c copy /b “$xl_name” + “$xl_dir_name$filename” “$xl_name”)
but i see this erro in powershell:

what exactlly i must to do for reassmebling in powershell?

@tony please help me

Hi @karmania,
You will need to change $xl_dir_name = “[name of xlarge directory]” to $xl_dir_name = “user.admin.kermanmaja.tar.gz.81f2e1d36230705b1a57e83365146385.xlarge”

Note: I wrote that based on the screenshot above, so it could have typos, but I hope you get the idea.

You will also want to be in the folder above the xlarge folder when you run the command. So you would be in “E:\back-drive\1test\dl”

Does that make sense?

@tony amazing
its done
i will buy premium

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