Need help syncing Odrive to Procore


Please advise how to sync Odrive to Procore.

I would like all my procore files linked to my desktop. As per Procore they told me to download Odrive.

I have installed Odrive and can see the odrive folder on my desktop. when I click on the folder I get the following error message

“Unable to sync project.cloudf.
Procore has denied access for this request”

Procore customer support has asked me to contact Odrive.

Hi @michael.grasso,
It sounds like your company Procore account is not be allowing odrive access.

Can you navigate to this page:

Once you login on this page with your Procore account, do you see an “Install App” button listed at the top right, next to “Contact Us”?

If so, click on that and see if it changes the behavior.

You may also need to have your company Procore administrator allow odrive access and ensure your user has the proper permissions.