Need a temporary way to access expired subscription

I’ve been a long time user of oDrive. At the beginning of this month my oDrive subscription expired.

As it stands, I won’t be needing to sync content any time in the near future due to life changes. I was attempting to move my encrypted content to a portable drive that I could put in a fireproof safe. I have very little content left to backup and just couldn’t get around to it.

I would love if an admin could give me a temporary (1 day) pass that will allow me to grab my encrypted folders. I don’t mean to be rude, but I refuse to pay $99 just to turn around and cancel. That makes zero financial sense to me. If someone could help me out, I’m more likely to turn around later this year to renew my subscription.

Otherwise, I’ll probably investigate other options such as ExpanDrive and use Mac’s built in encryption so this won’t ever happen again. It’s very awful to feel like my data is being held hostage and this is not my first runaround with such a feeling from oDrive.


Hi @bugs181,
Can you go to and click on “get in touch with us” at the bottom. That will route to our sales/billing department, which can discuss this with you.

Also keep in mind that, although not as convenient, we have provided details on our encryption so that you can decrypt content without odrive. I created a basic python utility to do so here: Decrypting Data without odrive? and another user created a javascript-based utility, which can be found at the bottom of the same thread.