Need a fix for "No options available"

Hi guys, Something happened with my Odrive folders on Amazon cloud that I can’t reverse.

Regardless of the cause, I’m left with many Odrive synced folders that show a context menu of “No options available” on both the files and folders in these locations.

I’ve restarted the Finder Extension a few times and no change. Reading other threads it appears likely my folder names change and Odrive didn’t keep them up in a database somewhere(?), so it refuses to recognize the folders now.

The good news is - I can manually double-click each file one by one (or 5 at a time, etc) and they will sync fine and open, BUT I have 3600 files to recover and can’t do this manually.

Iv’e tried all the CLI agent option and all attempts STALL out after syncing 10-20 files. I’ve had to restart those so many times I’m done with them (I also have to kill all of the processes from them each time I restart them in Activity Minder).

It’s been a nightmare to sync all these files back to me.

This is really serious and needs to be at the top of the feature queue, imho. You need an option in the find extension that only looks at the filename, and if it has .cloudf in it, allow all sync/unsync options - REGARDLESS of where the file is located. I can tell this is possible because I can sync and open a file manually by double-clicking it - why is the Finder extension so unintelligent? Same need for folders.

In the mean time, is there some database I can manually update somewhere to “help” odrive finder extension recognize the folders where odrive files are currently located, by correcting folder names in the database, etc, to what they are now? I cannot just rename them back because there will be conflicts with other new folders.

Sorry so grumpy, but I’ve been trying various things for 2 weeks now and getting upset about it. I need to resolve this, it’s taking me wayyy too much time.

BETTER YET - To keep the main app light, just provide a little “repair” program that we run and:

  1. select the base directory of where odrive synced files currently are,

  2. click “Fix database - this folder and all subfolders also contain odrive synced files”

In the mean time I need to know how to do this manually




Correction - 3600 visible cloudf files…

As I sync the folders, many more cloudf files of course are appearing

Another data point - “Automatic Sync” appears to be what stalls out over time.

Manually un-syncing files and folders works fine,

automatic sync of an entire folder fails/stalls out every time.

Anything I can look for in logs to help?


I just noticed the .app is dated September 2016. Shouldn’t the ap p be updating itself automatically? I’m installing the latest version now from:

to see if it helps… Will advise if it does…

Hi @spacecommguy,
Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu and provide the path of one or more folders that are exhibiting this behavior? I can take a look and see what might be up here.

This also reminded me of an odd issue I saw a few months ago. It may be worth a look: Odrive does not upload files & popup menu not working on macOS Sierra