Multiple Google Drive folders not appearing on desktop, Not syncing

I’m a new user – just started 7-day premium trial today – who just installed ODrive on Windows 10 about an hour ago. I was able to get 5 Google Drive accounts to show up in the online interface here:

Your tour webpage says:

"Access odrive from your Favorites and the system tray.

Everything you link turns into a folder"

However, that is not my experience currently. When I look at the odrive folder on my desktop, I only see one folder and it says “Google Drive”. I should see five (5), and they should be named according to what I named them in the online interface; one for each of the five accounts I attached.


OS: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]


  • Online research didn’t yield and promising results.
  • Examined the context (right-click) menu of Odrive in the taskbar. Found a setting called “Sync to odrive”. But, the only option was “No sync folders registered”, and it was grayed out.
  • Rebooted laptop, but that didn’t fix it.
  • Waited over an hour to see if for some reason the folder was gradually, ‘progressively’ syncing, but it was not. It still has only one folder. Further, that one folder isnt reflecting the name that I gave it in your online interface.


  1. How do I get all my odrive account folders to sync to my Windows 10 hard drive? For the test, I’m just doing 5 accounts, but only one has syncd and it doesn’t reflect the name I gave it online.

  2. Why aren’t my naming changes being reflected on the one folder that has successfully downloaded?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @hepperle.eric,
It sounds like you may be logging into the incorrect odrive account. odrive’s accounts are created against the account that you used to authenticate (the account you used to sign-in when you first created your odrive account).

Chances are that you used a different account to login when you installed the desktop client. It was possibly the last account you linked, since thats the google account you would’ve been logged into.

You can see what e-mail was used on the first account (unless you changed it) by going to this page in the web client:

On the desktop client, go to “Authorized User” in the odrive menu to see what account is being used.

Thanks for the reply Tony!

I checked the web client and the email is what it is supposed to be, but the “Authorized User” is a different email. It sounds like you are saying I need to get them to match. How can I do that?

HI @hepperle.eric,
Click on “Deauthorize” under “Authorized User” This will re-initialize the client and allow you to login with the proper account.

Thanks Tony-that worked! But, when I view my files in my ODrive folder on my desktop, they all have an “.cloud” or “.cloudf” extension appended to the name. What is that all about?

Thanks so much for your help so far!

Hi @hepperle.eric,
This is the default state of odrive. It will allow you to see all of the listed files in your remote storage without having to download them locally. This lets you drill into the specific location you want to view/sync without having to wait for everything to download, or to waste lots of disk space on files you don’t immediately need.

Take a look at our documentation here for more details:

This blog post may also be of interest to you:


Thanks so much for all your help Tony! I think I’ve got it now :slight_smile:

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