Multiple Files Selection Syncing and Moving in Odrive 1 and 2 Respectively

Thousands of files and some folders were abnormally sent/moved/copied to my Amazon Cloud Drive folder under Odrive.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything to those abnormally moved thousands of files before Unsyncing most of my files recently.

Now, I wanted to Sync these thousands files so that I can move them to their appropriate places/folders if need be or delete them. Unfortunately, Odrive didn’t sync my multiple files selection once but just syncing one at a time. This is wrong time-usage action.

Okay, I wanted to select those same thousands of files once from Odrive2 explorer so that I can move them to a folder on my system and then deal with them as appropriate later but Odrice2 also didn’t allow moving multiple file selection but one at a time, Ah! Ah!

So, am I expected to be syncing or moving these thousands if files, which I don’t ask Odrive to move to where they are in the first place, one after the other?

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
The problem you are seeing sounds a lot like this issue here:

In the instances I have seen of this, the files in the root are actually previously deleted files that show up after Amazon does their automatic trash emptying (every 30 days). I just want to make sure that the files are ones that you need to move and not previously deleted files.

For odrive1, you actually don’t need to sync files down to move them. You can move the placeholders into the folders you want and odrive will move the files remotely, based on the placeholder movement.

If you want to sync multiple files in a folder at once you will need to use the right-click->sync method, which opens up the folder sync dialog. If you only want the first level files, and not move into the subfolders, then you would slide the slider all the way to the right for “Everything” and then make sure the “Include Subfolders” and “Save and apply to new files and folders” are unchecked. If you want to sync the subfolders, also, then you would check “Include Subfolders”.

odrive2’s File Explorer doesn’t provide multi-select + move right now, but I believe it is on the list for the future.

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Okay. Understood now. Thanks so much.

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