Multiple conflict files

I cancelled the previous subscription that I had to Odrive as I was signing in under two different user names (one at home, and another at work) and now I have them under 1 user name for all computers. When using the desktop application to sync all of my files, it creates several conflict files, before it would be 800 or more. I have sent a diagnostics. All computers are Mac OS X operating systems. This is very troublesome as it is taking up room on our google drive that we have for our business and it take a lot of time to go through and delete all the files.

Also, files that have been deleted from the google drive prior to syncing Odrive are still syncing into the odrive folder.

Hi @christyrfoster,
Thanks for giving it another shot.

Can you take a look at the previous post I made in your other thread and see what these new conflicts show under their information in the Google Drive web client? I want to make sure we know which app is creating the conflicts. Previously it appeared as though another app was.

odrive is asking Google Drive for the list of files. If the files are showing up it means that Google Drive is telling odrive that they are there. It is possible that odrive needs to refresh the view, but that should take only a couple of minutes, at the most.

Can you tell me how the files were deleted? Do you see them when looking at the same folder in the odrive web client?