Moving to a new server

We have odrive set up on a server that is syncing data to Google Drive. We are replacing the server with a new one and wish to effectively move all of the data and the sync state to the new server. Is there a way of doing this?

Hi @itadmin1,

Take a look at this post, which was about a similar scenario, and let me know if you have any questions:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Just to clarify something, incase it changes the process. We currently have the data set up in the following way:
The folders are in the root of our D drive. For example D:\Staff Shared, D:\Student Shared, etc.
The odrive folder is in the root of D too - D:\odrive

We do not use anything within the odrive folder. The data is accessed at the folders themselves.

Finally, when you mention encrypted data, is that the local data being encrypted? Or is that an odrive feature?

Hi @itadmin1,
In that case, you will just need to target the same data with the “sync to odrive” command on the new system.

For example, you would right-click on Staff Shared on the new system, select “sync to odrive”, and then make sure to select the corresponding remote folder for the sync relationship. odrive will scan through the local and remote content and determine if anything needs to be synced.

Ah great, thank you. I wasn’t sure if it was smart enough to realise that the data was the same.

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