Moving the sync folders

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has already been answered but I wasn’t able to find a similar topic.

So I have a few folders in my computer synced to Amazon Drive through odrive. Some files stay in the computer, others I simply use the extremely useful “unsync” feature to keep the placeholder only. Whenever I need to actual file, I simply double click and download the file again. It works perfectly for me.

Now, I want to move these folders into a NAS device to free some workload off the computer. The system will remain the same: some files that I use most often will stay in sync between the local NAS drive and Amazon Drive, but most of them will be just placeholders.

The question is, how should I move said folders? Do I move them to the NAS and set them to sync with Amazon Drive? Will this option retain the files that are already in Amazon Drive and simply match them? Or is there another way? All info is much welcome.

Thank you so much.

From what I have seen, changing the name of folders that are synced is a bad idea and it will break syncing. Your best bet would be to stop the sync for the directory and remove the sync from odrive’s configuration. Then rsync -av the directory to your new location. Be careful that the folder name of the new sync location match at the top level, otherwise it will recopy files that are already copied in a new folder of your directory name one level off from the top. I found out the hard way by trying to sync a folder to my entire Google Drive and it created a folder inside my GD with that name and synced there which was not what I wanted. I had to use the name of the Google Drive itself as the directory name for it to work. Then it worked beautifully. The program does mention this, but the ramifications may not be clear. Once syncing begins, the files that are the same will match and will not be copied again. odrive will verify that they are the same and you should be good to go once that is done. Google Drive is one of the cloud protocols where odrive supports file metadata properly to things like “last modified date” will be consistent for all of our files. Directories will be new, however, but that’s not really important.

Good luck!

Hi @ruiguerreiro.googl,
It sounds like you are using the “sync to odrive” feature on these folders. Is that correct?

When dealing with “sync to odrive” folders, you cannot rename/move the local folders and without breaking the relationship you’ve setup between those folders, as @DarfNader mentioned above.

Assuming you are using “sync to odrive” folders and want to move those, the steps you can take are the following:

  1. Right-click->“remove sync” on the local folders, making note of the remote locations that they were mapped to.
  2. Copy/move the local folders to their new location on your mapped drive to the NAS.
  3. Right-click “sync to odrive” on these new folders and point them to the same remote locations they were mapped to previously.

The new locations will be mapped, as they were previously, and sync will continue normally.