Moving Local Files

Whenever I try to move some local files on my Mac to a new folder, finder allows me to move it but after a minute my files are returned to the original location. If I move files on my Amazon drive on the web it will then move my files on my local storage. Is there a way to config it to go both ways. The web interface for Amazon is a bit slow and clunky. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @andrade.gary,
Can you give me an example of a move you are trying to perform? For example:
Move /Users/me/odrive/Amazon Drive/test/ to /Users/me/odrive/Amazon Drive/test2/

The behavior you are describing can happen if you are trying to move cloud files across storage, say from Dropbox to Amazon Drive, but should allow the move from within the same storage.

I’m having to initiate the folder and files moves on my cloud storage and then wait for the changes to take place locally. If I create a new folder with new files it will behave as expected. The sync will create these files and folders online. The basic issues are moving folders with files locally.

If I do the following move:
/Users/me/odrive/Amazon Drive/test/ to /Users/me/odrive/Amazon Drive/test2/
After about 5 minutes they will go back to the original location.

If I do this from the cloud side ( is works just fine. I see the move replicated locally. The main problem is cleaning file structures via the web interface which is slower and clumsy!

Hi @andrade.gary,
Can you reproduce this and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?
When you move the file, are you able to sync it in the new location, before it is moved back?

I am not able to reproduce this on my own system against Amazon Drive.