Moving folder on Google drive without breaking sync

I have a on my server called ‘Staff Shared’ This is synced via odrive to Google Drive\New Area\Staff Shared.

I want to move Staff Shared up one level on Google Drive, so that it is Google Drive\Staff Shared. Will this affect the sync and is there a way I can move it without the sync being broken?


Hi @wellington,

odrive will still sync folders that you move around within the same link (in this case a folder inside your odrive\Google Drive link).

Generally you just have to move the folder like you would any folder. odrive will detect the folder is missing from one location and a new folder has been added in another location. It will then try to determine if that is actually a move. This is an optimization, so it is possible that odrive misses the move optimization, and treats it as an add and delete. It will still sync, but the files may be re-uploaded in that case. In most cases odrive should be able to optimize the move.

You can increase the chance of a seamless move by moving the folder from the Google Drive web client and let odrive pick that up. Since odrive doesn’t need to scan the file system and try to determine what has happened, it is a simpler decision.