Moving files in onedrive

today I moved 300 Gb of data on onedrive and instead of moving the file reference it deleted the whole lot and is now re uploading it all! why is this necessary?

Hi @jwdave.roberts,
I’m sorry to hear that the move wasn’t optimized properly.

Since odrive is observing things at the file-system-level, it can only see things as adds, updates, and deletes. It does its best to interpret the results of a file being deleted from one location and added at another location as a move, but it doesn’t always get it right.

Its ability to pick up the add and delete in a timely fashion and then correlate that into a move operation is also affected by the amount of data odrive is tracking. It sounds like you may have a lot, which can definitely hinder odrive’s ability to pick-up the changes in a timely way in order to apply the optimization.

When moving a large amount of data, it often helps to perform the move on the remote-side, if possible. I know this can be difficult if there are lots of files involved and they are scattered around in different structures.

What can also help is to “stop automatic sync” and “disable background scanning”, which are options at the top of the odrive menu, before attempting a bulk move.