Moving clouds and unsyncing files immediately


I’m using odrive to move my data between cloud at the moment. I sync “down” on the source, move the files over to the other cloud for upload. While the files upload, I can click “unsync” in the context menu of the file/folder already. Does that mean the file completes its upload, and then is deleted from the local disk?


Hi @zettt ,
If you try to unsync the file or folder that has not been synced yet you will get a dialog pop-up stating the the item isn’t synced and would be deleted if you were to choose to continue.

odrive doesn’t have the ability to “queue” an unsync. This behavior can be approximated with the auto unsync capability or, as a more advanced option, using the CLI to perform a scripted unsync action at a specified/triggered point.

More on auto unsync: Manage Disk Space
More on the CLI/Agent with some example scripts:

Thank you very much. That is very helpful to know. One question I have still though. When I click and drag a synced folder from Google Drive to OneDrive (both inside the odrive folder), there is a blue checkmark on the folder itself. After I drag the folder, I can immediately select “unsync”. I haven’t tested this, but it sounds to me like the macOS Finder doesn’t refresh the folders’ synced property fast enough, because IMO the new synced state should be the pink syncing indicator.

I do have a bunch of this type of folder now that may or may not fully have been synced to the cloud, and I’m wondering if I can unsync these safely? The way I expect this to work in this case, and according to your explanation, is that it would throw me some kind of error and wouldn’t let me unsync the folder. That’s correct?

Hi @zettt ,
I’ll look into the checkmark you are seeing on the drag-and-drop.

That is correct. When performing an unsync, odrive scans through the structure that is going to be unsynced and double-checks the state of all of the items. If there are items that are not yet synced it will pop up a dialog.