Moving .cloud or cloudf files

I was wondering if I move (or copy) a .cloud or .cloudf files between odrive folders on my local drive, will it move the full file in the cloud storage?

If that works, I’d like to take the question a step further… if I move (or copy) a .cloud or .cloudf locally between odrive folders that map to different cloud storage accounts or providers, will that move (or copy) that cloud file or folder between providers?

Hi @mark.ericson,
You can move (you cannot copy) placeholders within the same odrive link, but you cannot do this across links.

Our odrive2 client, which is in beta on Windows right now, does have functionality to facilitate copying data across storages with simple drag-and-drop actions with the odrive Explorer UI.

Interesting, thanks! that is a compelling reason to consider odrive2. However, I’m a bit overly cautious When it comes to my data. I’m not sure I’m ready to switch to a beta yet.

Hi @mark.ericson,
I can understand that. You can definitely feel free to play around with the new client (mobile and web too), to get a feel for things.

For more info on the desktop client take a look at this thread here: