Moving a folder to desktop

So after upgrading to premium, I see that I can sync arbitrary folders…

I have the following right now - a “screencaps” alias on my desktop that points to a “screencap” directory under my B2 storage. I have this setup on all my Macs and it’s a nice way to know I have all my screencaps from all macs in one place.

I’d like to remove the alias and sync directly to folders on the desktop… I’m a little puzzled as when I remove the alias and make an actual directory I can select “sync” - I’m then pushed to a browser window where I can pick either an existing folder or add a new one. In either case, it seems like when I add a folder outside of the main odrive folder, I’m basically setting myself up to have two copies - the one on the desktop, and the one in the odrive hierarchy… Do I just unsync the one under the odrive folder or no?

Hi @amazon12,

This is correct. When you create a “sync to odrive” folder it is setup independent to the default odrive folder. You can unsync the one in the default odrive folder to ensure you are not storing two cached copies of that remote content.

Something’s going a bit screwy with this method.

In my example, I’ve got a desktop (where I keep local synced copies of everything because I have the space), a laptop and I’m using B2 storage.

Two actions that I keep repeating, don’t seem to have an effect:

  • unsyncing the “default” odrive folder(s) on the desktop host that I’ve “moved” to the Desktop folder. I’ll select unsync from the Finder context menu, the odrive context menu then shows a “stop” option, indicating something is happening. Revisiting it a few hours later shows that all the files are still there and have not reverted to placeholder (.cloud/.cloudf) files. Of note, the two folders show up in the “waiting” queue list…

  • syncing the Desktop folder(s) on the laptop seems to have no effect. I have folders full of .cloud/.cloudf files but after choosing “sync” and then “everything and subfolders” in the dialog box, literally nothing happens. The menubar icon doesn’t change to an active state, the context menu doesn’t have “stop” as an option.

Am I doing things right or no? Never used the unsync before since I was on the freebie version…

Hi @amazon12,
These commands should be doing something. Can you send a diagnostic from the two systems so I can see if anything funky is going on?

The issue with the one machine not syncing is still going on. I sent diags back when this was active, let me know if I should do that again.

To recap:

  • One Mac is fine, everything syncs automatically
  • On another all the placeholder files sync in but I have to manually (one by one) sync them with a right-click -> sync to make them usable
  • ON the problematic machine, I’ve repeatedly tried the “sync” menu item with “recursive” checked.

Any ideas?

Hi @amazon12,
Apologies. Can you send another diagnostic after trying to perform a recursive sync on the problematic system? I don’t go looking for them unless I am notified they have been sent.

For the recursive sync, you have the slider set all the way to the right for “Everything” . It looks like this?

OMG, I did not have the slider slid. All good now, sorry!

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I know this is very old, but I have another new Mac and I’m unsure how to add it. I don’t quite understand how odrive would know that a “screencap” folder on this Mac’s desktop would have anything to do with one on another Mac. What would the correct procedure for adding this be?

Hi @amazon12,
It sounds like you would like to map a folder named “screencap” for syncing, is that correct?

You would do this in the normal way with “sync to odrive”:

  • Right-click on the local “screencap” folder and select “sync to odrive”
  • In the browser window that comes up, navigate to the “screencap” folder you want to sync with. (You will want these two folder names to be the same)
  • Confirm your choice and odrive will now sync the two folders together.

odrive on one machine doesn’t know about odrive on another machine, but it doesn’t need to. If both machines are syncing a local folder to the same remote destination, they are going to stay in sync with each other because of that common remote folder. Does that make sense?