Move Open Folder links to sub-menu, similar to Syncing and Trash

While using the Mac client (all versions up to and including 5421), the list of “open folder” links to my mapped folders (the things between “Move odrive folder” and “Manage Links”) is quite long and makes it difficult for me to check the progress of files being Synched or in the Trash. “How long?” I hear you ask? 632 folders so far. That’s about 13 vertical screenfuls depending on font size. Trying to locate a specific folder is beyond tedious, as these are not presented in any sorted order. With a smaller list of a few dozen you could find the folder easily, but try scrolling around a 600 item list looking for just one…

This is a request to move these links to a sub-menu so their display is similar to the sub-menus used for the files that are being Synced, in the odrive Trash, or not allowed. It would be most useful if these could be in alphabetical order so you can locate a specific folder

This request was discussed briefly on the old forum in the January 2016 time frame, but I have not heard more about it. Any chance this will happen soon?


There is a new menu design floating around that has this change in it, but I don’t have any specific timeframe for introducing it. I can tell you that we do want to do it. :slight_smile:

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