Move external disk with odrive folder from Win7 to Win10

We have a Win7 machine with an external disk that has been syncing an odrive folder to Amazon Cloud Drive for several months. We just bought a new Win10 machine and want to move the external drive to the new machine and continue syncing that same odrive folder. When we install the latest odrive desktop sync on the new computer, it creates the default odrive folder on the C: drive as expected. What we can’t figure out is the correct way to use the move odrive folder function such that odrive will start syncing the odrive folder on the external disk instead of the one on C:. Do we need to Stop Sync on the folder on C:, do the Move odrive folder function to the external hard drive (and what exactly do we need to select as the target, the drive or the old odrive folder or something else), then Start Sync? Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Hi @jaylmiller,

I believe, you want to re-use your existing odrive folder located in external HDD? if so please follow the steps below but make sure to take backup of your odrive folder somewhere else just in case if something goes wrong (later you can delete this backup anyway).

  1. Install odrive app in your Windows 10
  1. Login to odrive app in WIndows 10 with same odrive user as you have used in your Windows 7
  2. Goto odrive tray menu and click on “Move odrive folder”
  3. Browse into your External HDD and click on the “odrive” folder as selection.
  4. Click on “Select Folder” button and that is all.

Note: odrive will traverse through all of your existing files and folders and mark them with aqua badges on the go but this process may some time based on no. of files into your odrive folder.

I have ran a test with small no of files in my Amazon Cloud Drive with both placeholder and synced states, and my test worked fine without running into any issue. Btw, how many files do you have in your odrive folder?

Please let me know, how is provided solution work for you