Move encrypted sync to another computer

I tried to move my oDrive sync to another computer. I have Amazon Cloud Drive and synced with encryption. I deauthorized the user on the first computer, then installed oDrive on the second computer and logged in. I see the folder but it doesn’t ask me for the encryption phrase. It just says ‘Unable to sync xxxx.cloudf’ Amazon Cloud drive could not find a folder/file that odrive was looking for.
How do I enter the encryption key to access the folders I have uploaded (and unsynced) to amazon cloud drive?
I am concerned since if I upload lots of encrypted folders and my computer crashes, i want to be assured I can access those files again on a different computer.

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Ok, I must have clicked the wrong folder or a remnant of another test, i was able to double-click on the folder, then it asked me for the passphrase and it worked, then I could sync my stuff back again. Glad this works for moving to a different computer or in case of a crash I wouldn’t want to lose all that encrypted data.


Thanks for the follow-up. Glad you got things working!

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