Move default odrive location before 1st sync

I have a small C: drive, and I have a large E: drive that I intended to use odrive for. However, your program insists on put the odrive folder on the C: drive first. I want to move the location to the E: drive before starting the first sync. But it won’t do it, saying it’s not in sync. " The odrive folder must be in sync before you can move it." But I can’t sync it since my c: drive is too small to hold all the files from the cloud.

So how should I do it? If your setup program gives an option where to put the odrive folder during installation, then I won’t be stuck in the this dilemma.

Hi @dancap,
It sounds like there is something in the current odrive folder that is not in sync. Can you see if there is anything listed in “not allowed” or “waiting”, or if anything is actively syncing in the odrive tray menu?

The move odrive feature ends up creating a new, reinitialized folder in the designated location, so odrive won’t let you move the folder until you don’t have any items that cannot be synced in the current folder.

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so that I can take a closer look?

I had just installed the app. It showed my Box storage account but I didn’t ask it to start syncing. Even so, I clicked Stop Sync but still not able to move folder. What I ended up doing was quit the odrive app, remove Box storage account from my online profile. Start the odrive app again. Since it has nothing to sync, I was able to move the folder to E: drive. Then I re-added my Box storage account in my online profile.

Hi @dancap,
Thanks for the update!I’m glad you were able to get it sorted out.

Did you happen to send a diagnostic before taking those steps? If not its okay, but if you did I can take a look at what odrive was doing at the time to see why it was not allowing the move.