More than one Odrive Client

Can I install Odrive Client onto multiple laptops ? Let say I have laptops A and B, and my Odrive is linked to Google Drive.

If I add or delete a file to Google Drive from laptop A, would it “replicate” to laptop B ?

Thank you

Hi @kengann ,

Yes. You can install on as many devices as you want.

Yes. It will sync to Google Drive on laptop A and then you would see that change on laptop B

This is exactly my use case. The only gotta I’ve run into is very minor. Permissions don’t copy from one laptop to another. And @Tony said they will consider it as a future feature. So, I’m happy with odrive as a solution in this case.

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for your reply.

If I were to upgrade Laptop A (i.e, decommission: delete the Windows10 account, delete all user files or format the partition) to a new Laptop C. What happens to this sync ? Would the files in Google Drive be destroyed along with the decommissioning of Laptop A ?

How can I safely (without destroying anything on Google Drive) decommission Laptop A ?

This is the question I wish to ask. The first question above was just setting the back drop.

Thank you !

Hi @kengann,


In order for odrive to delete any remote files a couple of things have to happen.

  • First, odrive needs to detect that the deletes have been made on the local system, which means that odrive needs to be running and monitoring your file system
  • Second, even when odrive detects local deletes, by default it will not delete anything on the remote storage until you empty the odrive trash. More information about this here: Sync Changes

In your scenario odrive won’t be running to detect any deletes, so you don’t have to worry about it. You would just need to install odrive once you have the new laptop up, and then login to your odrive account.

odrive will initialize in a “fresh” state, so nothing will be downloaded to the local disk, but you will be able to browse all of your remote storage and download whatever you want to have local to the new laptop.

Hi Tony,

Thanks again for taking time to reply. I understand a bit more after reading the URL “Sync Changes” you provided.

Since, in my working environment, with Laptop A, B and potentially C (actually to make it more realistic, I have Google Drive 1, 2 and 3…). So I am kind of unsure which is which.

I plan to remove Odrive clients on all Laptops A, B temporarily (since I read above that Odrive err on the side of not losing data), delete the Odrive directories on Laptop A and B. So that Google Drives stays in the “most complete” state.

And then, I reinstall Odrive clients back on Laptops B and C (new one). Let Odrive re-create the placeholders. I think this is a more conservative approach.

What is your advise ?

Hi @kengann,
If you are only switching Laptop A to Laptop C, there isn’t a need to uninstall on Laptop B, but you can do that if it is easier for you to just start everything from scratch, locally (nothing will change on the remote storage), once you have your environment in place.

I say do whatever you are most comfortable with. :smiley:

Thank you very much Tony !

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