More robust placeholders?

Hi guys, I’ve been using odrive free for a few months now and it’s a fantastic product. I’m very seriously considering upgrading to premium, but there is a major missing feature right now: the current implementation of placeholders is simply too basic.

As it stands, odrive placeholders work well but they could be so much better if they appeared as the actual file (instead of a .cloud file), with the appropriate size and all other metadata. Dropbox is rolling out an implementation of placeholders that is pretty much exactly what I’d hope for, and you can watch their video about it here:

Are there any plans to improve placeholders in this manner, preferably in the near future?


I would like this too! Dropbox announcement is really cool, and i would love Odrive placeholders to be like that! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the feedback. We are always discussing potential ways to improve placeholder behavior/flow/feel. Interestingly enough, what Dropbox has shown, we had a long time ago, in a version far far away. There are complexities to that type of implementation that we would like to avoid. Our current implementation side-steps many subtle (and not so subtle) issues that I expect Dropbox is grappling with.

As you can probably tell, though, we never rest on our laurels. Stay tuned!


Sure @Tony! You guys never rest, always working on new candies for us. I know that odrive is the precursor of all that.

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I have to say that I’m really liking the current implementation of placeholders. Recently, I had to reorganize a large number of files/folders, and I was able to accomplish this by moving, copying or deleting the .cloud and .cloudf files. It was very nice and quick to be able to do it without having to sync all of the remote content.