More GMail Issues

So once again, I’m having issues with Gmail thinking that I’ve changed files that have not changed and I have to unsync it and resync that folder to get the system to realize that. It is getting frustrating, seriously considering just not linking gmail anymore.

Thanks for the report.
Are you noticing that the items that are detected as having changed have any pattern?
Are they random files that have been synced locally?
Are there any “conflict” files created?
When this does happen, do the files end up in “not allowed”?

It appears to be every file I have from GMail and yes, they show up as “not allowed”. No conflict files appear either.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this, but I am unable to. I’ve got a label in full sync with about 3500 files in it. I have had it sitting for a couple of days, with some items being added as I get new e-mail.

Is there anything you can tell me about how you are using gmail that could help me reproduce this?