Modified Dates are not retained when moving files to Amazon

Hello from a newby.
Although I have read that “Using oDrive is the only way to maintain modified dates on Amazon”, this is not what I am experiencing.

I am using Windows 10. I move a folder with files that have modified dates of a year ago from OneDrive to Amazon Cloud using Windows File Explorer. ODrive does an amazing job getting the files to Amazon (WOW!) but when I go into the folder on Amazon Cloud in either Internet Explorer, Chrome or on the Amazon Drive App on my iPhone. The modified dates are today.

What am I doing wrong?


Modified dates will only show properly when using odrive (the odrive desktop client or the odrive web client). This is because we use custom fields to provide the modified time. Since Amazon does not provide it on its own, and it doesn’t read our value, their apps will not display the modified time.

That is a great answer! I have confirmed that odrive presents the dates correctly. Of course… it does introduce some nervousness… What happens when odrive goes away (I am old enough to have seen some of the best software in the world dissolve)… All dates for files that are only on Amazon would be lost… So, as long as I keep EVERYTHING local in my OS I am future proofed!
Thank you very much. I love your product. Managing about a TB so far!!

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