Missing pictures - 2019

We have an issue where some files have gone missing from an external drive that we use to sync files to Amazon Drive via the odrive. The user notified us of this issue letting us know that some files from 2019 that she uploaded to the Odrive > Amazon Photos> cannot be found. Is there a way to restore these files or find out if they were deleted?
thank you for your help.

Hi @lbenitez0609 ,
odrive doesn’t store any files, so you would want to look at Amazon Drive/Photos to see if they are in the trash there, or may have been accidentally moved.

odrive has detailed logs of all of the sync activity. We can review these logs for any mention of the items that are missing.

  • Do you know when these files went missing?
  • What is the path and name of some example files?
  • The “sync activity log” is located here:

sync activity log

  • Once open (as main.log), please save it to your Desktop and then send it to me directly by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”.
  • All of the logs are located in the user’s home folder in .odrive/log. If the activity happened a while ago we may need to go back father in the logs and look at older log files.