Missing icons, duplicate apps

Mac / OSX El Capitan. When unsyncing an item or a file, the OS-provided icon disappears and gets replaced with just a blank white placeholder:

Double-clicking the .cloudf to restore the folder does not behave as expected and does not cause the proper folder icon to reappear.

I don’t know if this is related, but I also note that there seem to be multiple odrive apps and processes which appear to be duplicates.

a) How do I fix the “missing folder” problem, and b) is this problem related to the duplicate app process which seem to be running?

The processes listed are expected, so that isn’t an issue.

What happens when you double-click on a .cloudf file?
What about a .cloud file?
What options to you see when you right-click->“open with” on a .cloudf and .cloud?
Does a right-click->sync on a .cloudf work as expected?