Missing folder on odrive desktop client

Same problem. Folder is visible via Googledrive, via odrive web interface, but does not appear on local dissc - no foder, no placeholder. I tried to rename it - without effect. When I press “sync” (under RMB), select “subfolders” and press “start” (arrows) there is no effect. Win10.

Hi @sp9mrn,
Can you provide a screenshot or two of what you see for this folder in in the odrive web client vs the desktop client?

Resolved. :wink:
Blind space in the beginning of folder name.
Space in the middle of folder’s name does not make problems.

It is a serious problem, 'cause we use Google drive to team work and if somebody make a mistake in name (illegal character) then other members don’t know, that folder has been created and there is something to work. No folder, no placeholder, no information.
Now, we know about issue, but it is not idiotproof and potentially dangerous in critical situations.


Thanks for the update @sp9mrn!

Leading or trailing whitespace is the most confusing of the bunch in these cases. In a future version we will have much better visibility into these types of issues. The user will be able to see which items cannot be synced, instead of them just being missing.

Thank You. very good idea. If member knows about problem then he can do to drive directly and correct name.

In addition to trailing whitespaces, / in the name will also cause folders to be skipped in the sync process. Editing the name to exclude the / fixes the issue.

Hi @dhennis,
Thanks for sharing! This post here lists some of the most common for this issue: