Migrate actual Google Documents (GDoc / GSheet / GPresentation) from one GDrive account to another GDrive account

Hi guys!

I’m looking to accomplish the following: Is odrive in any way capable of supporting these tasks meanwhile ?
(related conversations date back to 2019, so I decided to give this post a go)

  • Copy from and to Shared Drives
  • Copy Google Docs (text documents) as real Google Docs documents, as opposed to converting them to MS Word documents first and copying the converted MS Word documents ?
  • Copy Google Sheets documents as real Google Sheets documents, as opposed to converting them to MS Excel documents first and copying the converted MS Excel documents ?
  • Copy Google Presentation documents as real Google Presentation documents, as opposed to converting them to MS PowerPoint documents first and copying the converted MS PowerPoint documents ?
  • Copy files and folders selectively (e.g. within a certain folder I only want to copy certain subfolders, including all of the files and folders contained in the selected subfolders ?

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Hi @SetSails,
Thanks for reaching out.

  • If you have downloaded the items to your local system, you can copy them to anywhere you want, including other Shared Drives. This does not apply for Google documents (see below)
  • You cannot copy placeholder files.
  • If you were to move the downloaded files from one Shared Drive to another, this would end up being a delete from the old area and an add to the new area, instead of a “move”. This accomplishes the same thing, but I wanted to make sure it was clear what it actually does, in this case.
  • Since Google documents are not “real” files (they only exist in Google and cannot be downloaded without exporting), odrive cannot copy them around, unfortunately. This goes for all Google document types (Docs, Sheets, etc).

Similar to the first question, you can copy any “real”, downloaded files or structure to anywhere you like. Once the items are downloaded to your local system (synced), they can be treated like any other file/folder on your system.

Just let me know if you have any questions on the above.

You can share a folder from the account on gdrive that you want to send the files to with the account that you want to transfer from.

now login to google and copy from one folder to that shared folder… This will start the transfer on googles end.

No need for ODRIVE to do this.