Microsoft.vc90.crt.manifest couldn't be extracted error

I’m an old user of Odrive. Sometime ago, i had to temporarily uninstall odrive, in order to get my pc organized, and since then, every time i try to install it i get the above error message.
I’ve read and tried everything i could find about it, by i just can’t get odrive to run.
Note: the error appears like a small message over the installation window of odrive, and when i dismiss the message, odrive window says installation was successful. When i try to run it, this message shows again and nothing more appends.
I’m really getting desperate with this. Using the browser as a turnaround won’t work for me.
Any help/suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Hi @picada,
Can you try running odrive using this command from a command prompt? You can open up a command prompt by clicking on the Windows icon in the taskbar, typing “cmd”, and then clicking on “Command Prompt”.

Once the command prompt is open, copy and paste the following command in (all one line) and hit enter. This will run the odrive launcher and hopefully spit out some useful information. Please wait until the process closes and then copy and paste the output or take a screenshot of the command prompt window and post it here:

powershell -command "&{& \"$env:programfiles\odrive\odrive.exe\" \"-v\" 2>&1 | echo;}"