Maximum File Size for Onedrive

Hi there
I am syncing videos to my Onedrive account, but Odrive has put most of them as ‘not allowed’ - “The file exceeds Microsoft OneDrive’s maximum limit” However this is incorrect, as the current limit is 15GB, and my largest file is 12.5GB.

Can this be fixed by me or is this a problem with the Windows app?

Hi @mach1.9pants,
It looks like we need to make an adjustment to the integration logic for OneDrive. I will have the Engineering team add this in the next desktop release, which should be coming sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks Tony, very cool

Hi @mach1.9pants,
My apologies for neglecting to come back to this thread. We released an adjustment for this a little while ago and increased the limit to 15GB.