Mass Recovery possible?


I have 135 items in my Trash I need to recover (due to a mistake I made).
There are appears to be no way to do a mass recovery, only individual files. Is that correct?

If no mass recovery available, please add that as a feature request. Thanks.

The 135 items considt of folders and files (the files which were in the folders). Do I have to recover the folders first or if I recover a file, the folder will automatically be recovered (i.e. the complete path).


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Hi @maccra,
If you recover the folder, it will recover the files within it, automatically.

Alternatively, you can simulate a mass recovery if you unsync the parent folder of the items in the trash. Unsync of a folder will discard any pending deletes inside, which will remove them from the trash. Re-syncing that folder will show you the files/folders again.

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Hi! I have a question regarding this issue. If I unsync a folder that has a lot of subfolders with deleted items that haven’t been synced (the deletes aren’t executed in the cloud), will the folder sync automatically to the cloud folder if I sync it again, and just download the deleted files? Or, will I have to download all files again? Exactly how will this work? I’m a little worried… :slight_smile:


Hi @staffan,
Unsyncing the folder will turn it into a placeholder, so you would have to download the contents of that folder again if you wanted them locally.

Right, of course. It’s about 1TB, so that’s not my first option. Thanks!

Hi @staffan,
Alternatively, you can try the following as long as this is not an “Encryptor” folder:

  1. Copy or move the contents of the folder in question out of odrive’s view (move it to a folder that odrive has no knowledge of)
  2. Unsync the folder to turn it into a placeholder
  3. Restart odrive
  4. Double-click to expand the folder that you previously unsynced
  5. Move the contents from step 1 back into the folder.

This should nullify the trash and allow you to keep the files that were in there before, without having to re-download. After step 5 odrive will scan through and determine what needs to be synced, which shouldn’t be anything.

Thanks, Tony!
Clever, I will try that. There doesn’t seem to be any danger of losing files that I can see, because that would be very bad indeed.

Hi @staffan,
Since all of these files are in the cloud already, there isn’t a danger of losing them. The odrive trash ensures that the locally deleted items are not sent to the cloud unless you explicitly empty the trash (or have set auto-trash rules).

Unsyncing the folder and restarting odrive will nullify any pending deletes within that folder, leaving everything in the cloud the way it is.

Moving the data back in, alongside the placeholders will nullify the placeholders, leaving you with your original local data. odrive will try to reconcile the local data with the cloud data and determine what is the same (synced).