Mapping an odrive folder

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to see if its possible in Windows to map a folder within Odrive as a network drive? My attempts so far appear to indicate that whilst its possible to map a folder, if you try and open and .cloud or .cloudf files nothing seems to happen. Am I doing anything wrong or is this a limitation of odrive? Thanks

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Can you give us a better idea of what you’re trying to do?

For instance, if you have a file server that you want to sync with some cloud storage, and then you want a bunch of other laptops to be able to work out of this file server via Windows Explorer by mapping it as a network drive… then you actually have several potential options:

  1. Install odrive on your file server and have it sync to your source. But make sure it always downloads everything (set autodownload limit to always download and then right-click on the top-level folder for your source and select to Sync (include subfolders, download everything, save folder sync rule). That way everything is always local and not a placeholder on your file server. Then your other computers could map the network drive and everything would work fine.
  2. You can also do #1 and then Install odrive on your laptops and have them connect to the file server via FTP/SFTP/WebDAV. They will sync with the server as long as you are on the local network (and could sync with them if the file server was externally accessible). This is a little easier than mapping network drives.
  3. You can ditch you local file server and just live in the cloud. Install odrive on all your computers and have them sync with that cloud storage.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your specific needs / set-up and what you’re trying to do?


Thanks for your reply Jeff. All of the content is currently installed in the cloud on Box. Up until now we have synced box with each PC/laptop for all of our staff. Certain of the subfolders are mapped for ease of access and uniformity - its much easier to tell a staff member go look in M drive for xyz then it is to tell them go to Box, then go to this subfolder etc (some of our staff are not very good with computers). We wanted to move away from the standard Box full sync and instead use odrive, but it would appear that odrive won’t work if you try and access a file through a mapped drive location.

As you’ve seen, you can’t interact with placeholder files over a shared network drive like this. However, have you considered odrive Spaces? With Spaces you can map specific folders, no matter how nested, and have your users interact with them at the top level of \odrive\Spaces.

Take alook at the feature page and let me know if you have any questions.


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