Map as a network drive?

I’m looking for a service that would not take any space on my laptop - I have a lot of files and my hdd would not be able to take all of them. Is it possible to use Odrive in such a way?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @rakelbara,
odrive does not support mounting like a network-only drive. odrive syncs files from the remote storage to local storage, and vice-versa. For the files to be accessible, they need to be cached locally.

By default odrive operates by using “placeholders” for files and folders, which take up no space on the drive. This means you can download only what you need to your local system, but you are able to browse the entire structure, if desired.

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Thank you very much for your quick response! I guess I will take odrive for a test drive :smile:
Thanks again
Best regards

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Tony, and ODRIVE team. I’m in the 7 day window and so far Odrive is the ONLY ONLY ONLY SOFTWARE able to back up GIGS of data to ANY cloud I want (this case google drive) with ZERO errors. I have used webdave, expan drive, cloud mounter, net drive and about 6 OTHERS…and they ALL fail.

So ODRIVE SURE AS HELL NEEDS the ability to MOUNT a “DRIVE” that I can access and use the cloud from my computer. Everyone has this ability BUT YOU…but YOU have the ONLY ability to do a 100% reliable copy…let alone encrypt, and I did verify bit by bit that my copy was made.

SO GIVE ME THE ABILITY to not only SYNC my drives, but have “Cloud Drives as well”… and why the HELL can’t I sync my NAS Drives ??? You fricken forced me to MAP them to a ‘letter’ to sync folders from them. THIS IS BS… you are smarter than this. Know how many NAS’s I have doing different things? There are not enough letters in windows…well…maybe close…but I don’t like the idea of being limited to a drive letter !!

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Hi @h2fuel,
odrive can visualize your data as placeholders and “real” files in any folder on your machine using the “sync to odrive” feature. It cannot mount cloud storage as a “virtual drive” so that data is accessed in an on-demand, streaming fashion. This just isn’t how odrive works.

odrive is a sync engine, so it syncs local to remote and remote to local, replicating the data to each side. Placeholders are used to represent remote files that have not yet been downloaded locally, but once the user has opted to download the file, it will be cached locally and then monitored for changes. The local persistence is a core part of the intended functionality, so that isn’t likely to ever change, but it may be a possibility for a future product.

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As far as NAS goes, mostly all Linux based, something like this might work Using Odrive Cloud on Linux

To map your ODrive as a drive letter (really, this is an old-style way of using it, drive letters are really just a Human Convenience) simply find the location of the ODrive folder, Share it as ODrive, then browse to the share (\server - the share will be right there) and them right-click and Map Drive.