Manually run odrive

When I boot up my Windows PC it automatically runs odrive. I’d like to have it NOT automatically run and log me in. Can I manually run it, then log in?

I solved this temporarily by going into msconfig and unchecking odrive to run on start up. Now it will only start when I start it. Wish I could have a log in though, anyone could run it…but they would have to know it’s there.


Hi @JamesGTRS,
You can prevent odrive from starting up automatically, as you have seen. You can deauthorize odrive, but its a pretty heavy operation and I doubt you want to do that every time you quit odrive.

I think you already saw this, but our next version of encryption will have the concept of “locking”, so you can prevent access to data if the user doesn’t know how to unlock. I know you are also playing around with encrypted containers too, and it sounds like you had some success with that.

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