Maintain file modification date when moving between cloud provideers

I’ve asked this before, but I believe it was in the wrong topic/thread.

Is it possible to maintain the file modification (creation) date when moving from one cloud provider to another?

For instance, if I wanted to move a directory of photos from Google drive to Amazon, I want the target files to have the same modification (creation) date as they had on Google drive. These modification dates would be displayed in Windows Explorer, on the Odrive webpage or … ahem. in Linux Dolphin file explorer.


I just moved a file from Google to Amazon and the modtime was preserved. Can you try it again and confirm where the modtime is incorrect?

There are source limitations for maintaining file modtime. We take extra measures to preserve the original modtime, but some scenarios may not work. If we can understand your use case, we can see what is possible.

Yes, I see where it does in fact maintain modification date/time. I apologize for raising a non issue. It appears to be working correctly using the Windows desktop client. I swear it didn’t work a couple of months ago when I tried it, I must have screwed sometime up… but regardless… Life is good now!!..

BTW, I love your product so much I signed up for PRO. Can’t wait for Linux integration!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the support!!