Mac to B2 sync error with odrive desktop

I keep getting the message in the activity log for a number of files of various formats that odrive “Cannot open input stream” and it’s returning “errno5”. What does this mean?

Hi @TheOGJLaw,
Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and I’ll take a closer look at the error? Maybe this is something we can handle better.

Sent - thank you! :nerd_face:

Hi @TheOGJLaw,
These are local filesystem errors. Basically it looks like odrive is trying to open these files, but MacOS is throwing an error. The errors look to be mainly with .plist files that are associated with Final Cut Pro projects and .undo files that are associated with Logic Pro, I think.

Do you have any other applications open that could be holding on to these files?
Is there anything unique about these types of files that could prevent odrive’s ability to open them?