Mac Finder Sidebar - odrive icon on non-odrive folder

Just installed odrive and still in the process of kicking the tires. One thing that I immediately noticed that I don’t like… is that it has changed the folder icon for a completely unrelated folder in my Finder sidebar.

One thing about this folder is that it is at the root of my drive… /Code
If I create a new folder at the root it also uses the odrive icon when added to the sidebar… /Test

If I use a different folder… say ~/Test
That folder uses the normal folder icon you would expect to see.

What trickery is odrive using to customize its Finder sidebar icon that involves the root directory? And how do I turn it off?

That should not be happening. It is annoying and unnecessary. We will update the software to be more specific.

I just installed odrive and I have the same infinite icon also on my sidebar folders.
Odrive (prod 5759) on Yosemite.

Having the same issue - my odrive folder is on an external drive, and I have several folders in my sidebar which are located in the same (root) folder of the same external drive, and they’re all incorrectly showing the odrive icon in the sidebar.

Prod 6273, MacOS 10.12.4

Unfortunately this is still an outstanding issue. We are hoping to address it in the forthcoming major desktop client update.

@Tony is there any fix for this yet? Having the same issue.


Hi @giles,
There isn’t anything new in the current odrive desktop clients. Our next generation platform, odrive2, does things a bit differently and this won’t be an issue. We’ve started private beta on the desktop clients but it is not feature-complete yet.