Mac 12.3.1 No odrive sync icon

hey there, I’ve been having this problem for months, ever since moving to a new machine. I’ve got 7243 on a Mac Studio running 12.3.1. I have tried quitting, uninstall/reinstall, and everything else I could think of, but I just cannot get the odrive sync icons to show up in the Finder. The console shows activity, but a lot of stuff is just not getting updated or synced. Anyway the biggest problem is without the icon, I can’t tell which files are synced and which are not. Would anyone have any ideas? My log is attached. Ty!

current_odrive_status.txt (23.0 KB)

Hi @mwss,
Sometimes Mac can be a little picky about the Finder extensions. Can you try the following steps?

  • Make sure odrive is running
  • Go to System Preferences → Extensions
  • With the extensions window open, click on “Finder Extensions”
  • Uncheck all extensions that are listed here, including the odrive Finder Extension
  • Check only the odrive Finder Extension
  • Hold down the “option” key and right-click on the Finder icon on the Dock. A “Relaunch” option will show up.
  • Click “Relaunch” to restart Finder