Lots of TCP/IP connections to Dropbox

In investigating some high CPU usage on my Surface Pro 3 (which causes it to get quite hot!) I noticed that odriveapp.exe continuously opens new connections to Dropbox. Using Resource Monitor, which refreshes once per second, I see one or two new connections each time.

Is this normal? is my IP, and is api.v.dropbox.com

Many thanks!

Are these all established connections (ESTABLISHED)? We will check dropbox every 15 seconds for remote changes, but these calls are very short, with very little payload.

Actually it seems to be behaving itself now. I wonder if it was having trouble syncing at the time? I was on a different network (at work).

It’s possible it was syncing files? Tough to say. If you see it again you can run this from a cmd prompt to watch the established https connections (or if you just want to monitor connections in general):

for /l %x in (1,0,2) do (ping -n 3 > nul && netstat /n | findstr /i "443.*ESTABLISHED")