Lots of sync issues

I have had some significant issues with syncing. Not sure when the started, but the system used to work just fine.

Syncing never stops. There are 69 files in the “Waiting” queue and the system goes through them and they never go away, but they do exist via the website and locally. I now have 8 “not allowed,” which is down from 13.

Complained about this several weeks ago and sent in a diagnostics report but never heard back.

Would appreciate some help with this.

Thanks for following up. The previous forum was becoming very difficult to track, which is one of the reasons we switched over.

Can you send over another diagnostic and I’ll take a look?


Sure, Tony. Thanks for the quick attention. I clicked on Send Diagnostic and Send Report. Nothing came back that said it was sent, though.

Hi Taylor, for the “Not Allowed” files it looks like OneDrive is complaining about illegal characters, can you try renaming them and see if the are then able to be processed? The files are:


For the remaining files in the Waiting queue I am seeing OneDrive errors saying the service is busy:

SystemException(code ODB_BUSY caused by OneDriveForBusinessSystemException(code ODB_BUSY

So they may be experiencing some issues at this time, but we are testing and looking in to it on our end as well.

Hi @Taylor_Albrecht with a little more digging we found it, seems SharePoint does not support the % symbol (and many others) being used in file or folder names. Here is a complete list of illegal characters for OneDrive Business:


I guess the % symbol is replacing spaces in the filename. I haven’t confirmed yet, but I thought there were other files that weren’t an issue. Also I think something changed, because when I first started using the program I didn’t have these issues.

So are you suggesting that I rename all of these files and check for their sync?

I just discovered clicking on the “not allowed” items to find that I’m out of storage on GoogleDrive. There’s part of the problem! :slight_smile: I’m working to free some up and find out what’s taking up so much space.

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Aha yes! The messages typically have a little more detailed info when clicked on, glad you found that!

And also you are correct, the % is automatically filling in for the blank spaces, renaming to something like foto_201.jpg should clear that up as well.