Lost Tags for Folders

Hello, I am finding that MacOS tags which I apply to folders on Google Drive get erased soon after they are applied. I am not sure why since the folders are not updated anywhere so there shouldn’t be a reason to resync them. Even if the act of tagging the folder triggered a resync, the version of the folder which I applied the tag should win out since that would obviously have the later modification date. I suspect that odrive is only aware of tags applied to files but not directories.

Tags which are applied to files are left alone, however they do not appear to sync with other MacOS file systems where I use odrive to sync Google Storage. The tag definitions are synced over iCloud. I am not sure if the lack of syncing is simply because it is metadata that Google Cloud does not capture considering that it is MacOS construct (file tags for MacOS and IOS are different for reasons that the sages of Cupertino can only answer) but the MacOS tags should be in sync if the files get synced. However, it would appear that either odrive or Google Storage fails to sync this information.

Hi @DarfNader,
odrive doesn’t currently deal with extended attributes on files, so it won’t be able to sync those across systems. Google Drive doesn’t support extended attributes natively, either, so it doesn’t have a built-in way to retain that information.

As for the tags disappearing from the folders, I tried a few experiments but I wasn’t able to see this on my own system unless the folder is unsyned and resynced.
Is this only happening with Google Drive storage? Since odrive doesn’t look at extended attributes, it isn’t intentionally clearing anything from the file/folder.

Hello. checking the forum from 3 years ago you didn’t support extended attributes like “tags”. So I’m checking back in 2022 to see if you are planning to support them? Extended attributes tags and other metadata are becoming more commonplace and regularly used in daily workflow. Dropbox fully supports.

Any hopes of getting tags supported by Odrive?