Lost sync to NAS

I recently copied files from laptop to NAS and restored sync to Amazon Prime Photos. I was able to sync the folders from the NAS without re-uploading the files and the folders indicated successful sync with the blue badge.

A few days later, the folders do not seem synced now, and there is no blue badge indicating that the sync is still active. Is there a reason that the sync would be lost? The photos are still intact locally and on Amazon.

Hi @njelbe,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?
Can you also provide the path to the folder?

Hi Tony,

The folder in question is:


Hi @njelbe,
Apologies for the delay. I missed this one in the shuffle.

I took a look at the diagnostic and the “sync to odrive” folders you have defined are all listed as “Missing”. This can indicate that the volume wasn’t available when odrive started, or the remote side of the relationship changed in some way.

Can you go to the odrive menu, click on one of the folders listed under “sync to odrive”, and see what it says?

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply.

As you suspected, all of the folders under the odrive menu say “missing.”

Hi @njelbe,
If you restart odrive, does it stay that way? What if you click on one of the entries that shows missing? It should pop-up a window that gives some additional info and some options?

Hi Tony,

Quitting and restarting odrive does fix the “missing” tag in the “sync to odrive” menu, but the files in Finder are still missing the blue badge.

The following popup appears when clicking on one of the folders that still say missing (those folders have been removed manually):

Hi @njelbe,
You should “Remove Sync” on the folders that no longer exist.

On the others that were just re-enable, it may take some time for the badges to show up, since odrive has to scan through the mounts again.

Hi Tony,

I will do that; can you confirm that I should not have to actually re-upload all of the photos? That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

Thank you.

Hi @njelbe,
You should not have to re-upload your photos. Reconnecting those “sync to odrive” folders will pick up where it left off, once it has scanned the data.