Long delay creating folders

Hi I seem to be getting a delay of around a minute when creating a folder in odrive. Folders not on odrive seem to be a lot quicker but still some delay. Removing odrive seemed to remove the problem.

Any ideas?

using: Windows 10 Pro x64

Hi @niall ,
Can you provide the steps to reproduce this and tell me how long of a delay it is you are seeing? I don’t quite understand the behavior.

Hi Tony, I’ve re-installed odrive for a 2nd time and its at the current time working without delay so I’m monitoring it for any re-occurrence. Loaded are 3 One Drive Business accounts, 2 dropbox, 1 google drive. I noticed the delay only occurred in odrive folder regardless of which storage type it was but the problem occurred intermittently. There was no delay creating folder in none odrive folders or in the native one drive client during the times when the delay occurred. I will update with more detail if I get further issue with this.

Ok come to use the system today and still getting this issue occurring.

Can you be more specific? Where are you creating the folders, and what do you mean by delay? (A delay time between ____ and ____)?

For example, do you mean that you create a folder locally on Windows Explorer within your linked OneDrive storage but you don’t see it get created on OneDrive (when by looking at OneDrive’s webclient) until a minute later?

If you can provide a step-by-step detail of what you’re seeing, we may be able to help.


Hi Jeff

Thanks - Right clicking: Create New folder; type folder name; immediately after pressing Enter the Delay occurs Windows egg timer and the explorer Window freezes with egg timer after that time elapses (1m 30 seconds) folder completes creation as normal. The problem is intermittent on/off but always occurring, it does not go longer than say 5 minutes before the problem re-occurs. The problem only seems to occur via the Explorer process and only on odrive folders OneDrive but also Dropbox and others but not folders outside odrive. Additionally renaming a folder does not appear to suffer from the problem. Creating a folder via the command line does not appear to suffer from the problem.

Hi @niall,
I can’t reproduce this behavior and I don’t believe I have seen it reported before. The only thing I can think of that is somewhat similar was a reported issue with slow moves here: It’s slow if I move files to odrive folder

Please send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so we can take a look.
If odrive is not running, can you still reproduce the issue?

Hi Tony, Thanks for the feedback. At present the problem appears to have stopped occurring during the limited time I’ve had to test for it. Not aware of anything changing to prevent it. I will send a diagnostic and report back if it re-surfaces.

Okay @niall. Thanks for the update!

Hi Tony, come to create some folders this morning and still getting this issue. Sent over diagnostic

To provide a further update. The problem seems to be tied specifically to when working with Explorer. As testing with Free Commander I do not experience the problem.

Hi @niall,
I don’t see anything obvious in the diagnostic. I am still unable to reproduce this, and I have tried now on multiple systems and configurations.

Does the same issue happen when:
You select “New folder” from the Windows Explorer “Home” menu?
You use the default folder name when creating a new folder?
When you remove the registry entry discussed in this post: It’s slow if I move files to odrive folder ?

Hi Tony, Thanks I will let you know the outcome once I get chance to do some testing. In the meantime I’ve been using Free Commander XE to get around it, which I’m preferring to Explorer, so some good has come of it at least :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @niall