It's slow if I move files to odrive folder

OS is Win10 pro.

It’s slow if I move files to odrive folder recently. I notice the problem because I move a Full-HD movie file about 7GB into odrive folder. The movie file and odrive folder are in the same partition. I think the action can be done at a moment, but it spend one minute. It’s the same to move any files out odrive folder. if I uninstall odrive, that is all right. Then I re-install odrive and set odrive folder path, and it happened again.

Please help me solve the problem.

If you exit odrive, so it is not running, does the move still take a long time?
Is this on a local drive, or an external drive?


Hi Tony,

Yes, it does. It’s improving until uninstall odrive.
The movie file and odrive folder are on a local drive.

Thanks. I’ve narrowed this down to the SyncRootManager feature in Windows 10. This is a provision that Windows provides to add a 3rd party sync point to Explorer. What I’ve seen is that having a certain setting set, which is specified as required in Microsoft’s documentation, will cause the slow moves. It appears to be a bug or byproduct of this feature.

It is possible that this entry is no longer needed, as my own, admittedly brief, testing shows it to no longer impact the overall functionality. Removing this entry makes same-volume moves very fast. We are going to expreiment with this, run it through QA, and see if we can live without it.

In the meantime you can remove the entry with this command run in a command prompt:

powershell -command "& { rm -Recurse -Path \"HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\SyncRootManager\odrive*\";}"

Currently restarting odrive will add the value back, so keep that in mind.

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It’s perfect after I remove the value. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much you saved me over 1 week time. I thank you and my hard drives thank you!